I have always been fascinated with the use of color, and the subtlety of light and shadow on those colors. I am intrigued by the reflections and patterns of light on glass in windows and doorways--particularly to see the distortion of objects reflected back to the eye. To paint everyday objects with attention to fine detail, I often set up still lifes in my studio and also use photos to accurately capture the light. While walking in a farmers market or along a city street,  my attention might be drawn to something I want to paint. Then I grab my IPhone and take several photos to work from back in my studio. 

Lately I've been working on a series of paintings of restored classic cars. When an artist friend saw my car paintings, she called them "Car Portraits", and that is exactly how I think of them. Each car has its own unique beauty, design, and character that I try to capture with my oil paints. It is impacted by the reflections of the environment around it, especially in the chrome and glass surfaces.

I am inspired by the paintings of artists such as Richard Estes--the kind of photo-realistic images that lead the viewer to question whether it is a photograph or a painting.